1. Chassis
  • Mercedes Sprinter Van, 140" wheelbase, GVWR 3500
2. Drivers Compartment
  • Air Conditioning
  • Antenna coax: One (1) from ceiling of patient compartment to driver's compartment
  • Control switch panel integrated to the dashboard
3. Exterior Fittings
  • Complete body insulation using sprayed PU foam
  • Back up alarm
  • Rear View camera and Monitor
4. Electrical Distribution and Control
  • Inverter 220/110v
  • Shoreline system on streetside
  • (2), 12V sockets (one at action area and one over squad bench)
  • (2+2), 220/110V sockets (two at action area and one over squad bench)
5. Emergency Lights and Siren
  • (1), Halogen Light bar
  • (6), Halogen Red Lights (two on each side and rear of the raised roof)
  • (4), Halogen Scene Lights (two on each side of the raised roof)
  • (1), Rear Halogen scene light
  • (1), Siren with speaker
  • LED or strobe warning package
6. Interior Fittings
  • Molded Advance Composite interior panels (anti scratch, anti Bacteria, Fire retardant and Impact resistant)
  • Storage compartments with sliding doors
  • Window between patient cabin and driver cabin
  • Air conditioning with climate control system
  • (6), A/C vents
  • Automotive Doctor seat with swiveling base
  • Stainless Steel Grab handles
  • (4x2) units, fluorescent lights
  • (2), ceiling mounted IV holders
  • (1), Extraction fan
  • File cabinet
  • Gloves box on the bulkhead
  • Head knockers
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Backlit Aviation Style Control Panel
  • Slip resistant door covering with an optimal anti-static, bacteria resistant and fire retardant
  • Sharp disposal on squad bench
  • Squad bench: squad bench fitted with Seamless Injection Formed cushion pad over split top for seating three (3) with padded backrest. Compartment below for storage. Lift up split top for access to storage equipped with gas operated lifting devices. Three (3) retractable seat belts with flexibility to strap patient on squad bench stretcher. Opening at end of squad bench removal of spinal board

  • Refrigerator base
  • Roll up shutter cabinets
7. Oxygen
  • Oxygen compartment for "M" cylinder fitted at the rear side of the squad bench
  • (2), Oxygen outlets with one flow meter and one
  • Electronic oxygen digital regulator with manual b-pass
  • Additional "D" size cylinders
8. Medical Equipments
  • Main Cot with Mounting bracket and locking system
  • Folding Stretcher
  • One Backboard
  • Suction System at action area
  • Sphygmometer at action area
  • Rescue Bag
  • Refrigerator
  • Scoop Stretcher
  • Portable Suction
  • Advanced life support package (Monitor, Defibrillator, Ventilator)