Type III

Delta new Modular units is our latest development to provide a durable and advance alternative to all metal or Aluminum Modules used for Ambulances and specialty vehicles.Our Modules were developed to provide our clients the advantage of an integral insulated light advance composite construction with Long lasting construction that can resist environmental effects
The aerodynamic module with the integrated warning lighting system along with the ergonomic patient compartment design and materials provides the latest and most efficient utilization method of space with higher safety specs for patients and paramedics.

1. Driver Cab & Chassis
  • Antenna coax connection with access from the patient cabin interior ceiling
  • Control switch panel integrated to the dashboard
  • Master Switch under driver seat
  • Parking Sensor monitor for reverse collision prevention
  • Exterior molded side steps
  • Intercom and Patient status Panel

2. Module
  • Aluminum structure with advanced composite panels
  • Aerodynamic Air Dome
  • Rear Bumper with flip up rear step
  • Side and Rear entry Doors with windows
  • Stainless Steel Door Handles
  • Interior Side Step
  • Slide out Battery Compartment Tray
  • Door Grabber for rear doors
  • Drip rails
  • Exterior storage cabinets
  • Rear brake light
  • Rear View Camera and Monitor
  • Electrical side step
3. A/C & Electricity
  • 220 / 110V Shoreline socket
  • Inverter 220 / 110V
  • (2+2), 220 / 110v sockets
  • (2), 12V socket
  • Additional (3) batteries
  • Intercom & patient code panel
  • Back-up alarm
  • LED lights for exterior storage cabinets
  • Interior side step LED light
  • Main Electrical Panel in a dedicated cabinet with a louvered door and easy access location
  • Air conditioning Unit with climate control thermostat
  • Multiplexing System with Vista Screen
  • Digital climate control system
  • 110/12V A/C system
4. Warning System
  • 7X3 led Red warning light
  • 7x3 Clear LED Red warning lights
  • 9x7 LED Red warning lights
  • 7x3 Rear scene / loading lights
  • 7x3 LED Red Intersection Light
  • Intercom & patient code panel
  • Siren with Speakers
  • LED Red grill light
  • Amber Rear lights
  • Strobe warning lights package
5. Oxygen
  • Cylinder mounting bracket
  • O2 cylinder type "M" with regulator
  • (2 +1), Oxygen quick disconnects outlets with flow meter and bottle (Two at action area and one over squad bench)
  • Medical Air cylinder type "M"
  • Digital O2 reader + Bypass
  • (D) size cylinder
  • Additional socket in the interior ceiling over main cot
6. Interior Fittings
  • Molded Advance Composite interior panels (anti scratch, anti Bacteria, Fire retardant and Impact resistant)
  • Storage compartments with sliding doors
  • Corian type table tops
  • Electrical Panel Cabinet with dedicated cooling duct and LED light
  • Squadbench insert for O2 cylinder (D size) and Vacuum
  • Safety Net and hardware set
  • Bulkhead Door with window
  • A/C Diffusers with (2) integrated ducts in the interior ceiling
  • Doctor seat with swiveling base
  • SS Grab rail integrated in the interior ceiling
  • (3x2) Fluorescent units
  • LED center ceiling units
  • IV Holders
  • Rear Extraction Fan with cover
  • Patient Switch panel
  • File cabinet
  • Gloves box over side door
  • SS. Shelves for cabinets
  • Head knockers
  • Rear Threshold
  • Sharp disposal container
  • Storage Cabinet under streetside seat base
  • Post & Wheel cups on Squadbench
  • Wall mount clock
  • Storage Nets
  • Reading Light at the action area
  • Additional storage Holders behind doctor seat
  • Squad bench: squad bench fitted with Seamless Injection Formed cushion pad over split top for seating three (3) with padded backrest. Compartment below for storage. Lift up split top for access to storage, equipped with gas operated lifting devices. Three retractable seat belts with flexibility to strap second patient on squad bench folding stretcher.
  • Front extraction unit
  • Refrigerator cabinet or a sliding tray
  • Digital climate control system
7. Medical Equipments
  • Cot with mounting Brackets
  • Vacuum Pump with canister on regulator at the action area
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Stethoscope
  • Rescue Bag
  • Refrigerator
  • Stair Chair
  • Scoop Stretcher
  • Portable Suction
  • Advanced life support package (Monitor, Defibrillator, Ventilator)
  • Incubator Stretcher
8. Paint & Decals
  • Paint: White exterior
  • Decals: Customer own design using standard solid 3M reflective colors