About CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare offers cutting-edge learning tools and innovative simulation solutions to healthcare professionals, allowing them to develop practical experience on multiple simulation platforms before testing their skills on patients. We offer a range of surgical and imaging simulators, as well as human patient simulators. The entire family of human patient METI simulators, including baby, pediatric and adults, are designed to mimic human medical scenarios including trauma, heart attack, drug overdose and effects of bioterrorism. Today, more than 6,000 METI simulators are in use worldwide.

Our objective is to offer realistic and comprehensive tools that will help practitioners sharpen their skills and prepare for better patient outcomes.

Human patient simulators

LIFE-LIKE ACCURACY: CAE Healthcare’s physiologically-driven simulators offer an unsurpassed level of believability and life-like accuracy allowing healthcare learners to intervene instinctively, quickly, consistently and competently with clinical measures that can save a human life.

UNMATCHED MODELING: CAE Healthcare simulators include the most advanced models of the human cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and pharmacologic systems available today, and their integrated, coupled function imitates the human response in the multi-layered, real-time ways that are vital to a true learning experience.

CAE Caesar™
CAE Healthcare’s ruggedized and wireless trauma patient simulator

v2 METI 100% all-in-one system with fully articulated patient movement

METI most affordable, wireless simulator