METI takes realism to the next level with METI FX – a hyper realistic set of advanced moulage wound simulation and special effects for use with any patient simulator. METI FX includes incredibly lifelike wounds that accurately replicate muscle, tissue and subcutaneous fat and reflect the true physical nature of a wound and its treatment. And, METI FX comes complete with METI’s own educational learning tools – a set of how-to treatment cards explaining procedure and learning objectives for both civilian and military patient scenarios.

METI knows that the more immersive the teaching environment is, the more valuable the learning experience will be. Severe trauma situations can become a paralyzing environment for any first responder, military or civilian. METI FX provides an elevated simulation experience that allows the instructor to bring these horrific, incredibly realistic wounds into the world of simulation, thus better preparing learners for real world scenarios.

So amazingly lifelike, METI FX gunshot wounds were used on the November 6th episode of ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy!

METI FX is a complete, turnkey moulage simulation solution that comes in a convenient flight-case with organized product compartments.

Standard Kit Includes:
• 1 Abdominal Evisceration
• 1 Calf Avulsion
• 1 Open Head Wound
• 1 Lacerated Thigh
• 1 Compound Fracture – Arm
• 3 Bruising Patches
• 6 Bullet Holes
• 3 Lacerations
• 2 Fire Burns
• 3 Electrical Burns
• 1 Spider Bite/Decubitus Ulcer
• 1 Blood Pumping System
• Simulated Blood
• 1 Set of Wound/Treatment Cards
• Tubing and Connectors
• Ancillary Applications:
   - Simulated Glass
   - Make-Up
   - Glycerin
• Cleaner
• Wheeled Carrying Case

Optional Components Available:
• Amputation (iStan)
• Face/Head Injury
• Impalement to the Leg
• De-gloving of the hand
• Compound Fracture to Tibia
• Full Arm Amputation
• Partial Leg Amputation
• Full Leg Amputation
• Burned Forearm

METI FX was developed in part with the U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command, Simulation and Training Technology Center (RDE-COM STTC) through the Severe Trauma Simulation (STS) Program.
Optional Kit Components - Click images to enlarge
Full Arm Amputation
Standard Kit Components - Click images to enlarge
Full Arm Amputation