METI LiVE – Learning in a Virtual Environment – is revolutionizing the way students and medical professionals learn – moving learning from the bedside to the lab. By simulating the entire process of patient care – from the point of injury or illness, to the ED, OR, ICU, recovery and beyond, METI LiVE is having a positive impact on patient safety.

A landmark study by the Institute of Medicine found that preventable medical errors cause up to 98,000 people to die in hospitals each year. These errors are caused by breakdowns in systems, processes and conditions, which studies show can be improved by training and education – especially with simulated situations.

METI LiVE provides the environment for students and professionals to practice and perfect medical skills in life or death situations – individually or as a team – and develop and maintain the highest levels of medical competency. That kind of experience and training can make a difference in how a medical team works together to provide the best care possible to a patient.