Medical Simulation

What is medical simulation?

Medical simulators are computerized mannequins that can be programmed to mimic a variety of complex medical scenarios, such as trauma, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, airway obstructions, and even complicated obstetrics deliveries. One can also practice catheterizations, injections, and complex wound care. The unique equipment tests nurses, and physicians’ clinical and decision-making skills during realistic patient care situations. If the clinician fails to follow the proper protocol, the simulator demonstrates an adverse clinical outcome – providing a highly valuable learning experience. The medical simulation field has grown quite rapidly in last few years. Now it includes advanced simulators that have proven to be indispensable tools for clinical skill development.

Iman Healthcare is among the leading company in Saudi Arabia for providing complete solutions for learning such as equipment, simulators, books, on line and class room courses for skill and knowledge advancement thus ultimately resulting in better and safer patient caret.

Our partners, products and services:-


  • Patient simulators
  • Surgical simulators
  • Pharma simulators
  • OB/Gyn-simulators
  • Imaging simulators - Viamedix and ICCU
  • Meti Vision – one para
  • Learning space – one para and pictures
  • Meti live – one para
  • Nurse education – Nurse optimization program – ( one para)
  • NICP ( one pars)
  • Training courses


  • Ultrasound simulators
  • Task Trainers – we can supply any product you need