Message from the CEO for IMAN Healthcare

On behalf of IMAN Healthcare thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will enjoy a long term relationship with the IMAN Healthcare organization and allow our Company to become your provider of products and services in the Emergency Medical Systems, Medical Simulation, E-learning, Training, and Education Services.

Our goal is to provide services and products that enhance the quality of life for patients, improve the efficiency of the healthcare providers and assist in developing the talent and knowledge within the healthcare services.

The IMAN Group at the outset selected the name Iman (e-man- in Arabic meaning strong faith). We chose to utilize this strong faith to build a robust & dynamic company that serves in diversified fields in Saudi Arabia.

We have achieved this by recruiting, training and retaining one of the largest numbers of qualified people in Saudi Arabia. We have among the largest number engineers, technicians and support staff located all over Saudi Arabia. The growth of the company in the last 35 years is testimony to the fact that we continue to enjoy the trust and confidence of our customers, partners and staff.

We are using our strengths, that include uncompromising customer service, prudent financial management, well trained and professional service and sales force and a substantial experience in dealing with customers in diverse fields to grow in such areas as Emergency Medical Systems, Medical Simulations, Training and Education.

Our beliefs or “e-man” is that, our people, products and services will produce highest value and success by satisfying customer needs so that we can continue to do justice to the name we chose over 35 years ago.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you products and services, and invite you to contact us to better serve your needs.