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Emergency Medical Systems

Iman Group started its emergency vehicle manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia some years back. Since then it has grown in its scope and operations to include not only all types of ambulances but also other speciality vehicles.

Under the name of Delta Automotive Industries, we have a world class ISO 9001:2008 certified production facility located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality specialty vehicles customized to meet the specific requirements of professional organizations throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Delta’s 120,000 sq ft, state of the art facility, houses the main Conversion Assembly lines with Specialty supporting Workshops. Our facility is equipped with advance Robotic production cells for (FRP composite production, Robotic welding, Robotic trimming) and all CNC production machines for wire harness, metal, cabinetry and upholstery workshops. This makes us among one of the leading competitor in Quality, Price Innovation and after sales service for technical support and maintenance.

Delta Ambulances meet or exceed international industry norms and regulations such as the Federal Specifications (KKK - A – 1822 E) and motor vehicles safety standards (FMVSS).

With an ongoing investment in Research and Development (R&D) from design to construction, Delta has in-house departments dedicated to design, engineering, testing electronic systems and graphics. In addition we have cooperation agreement with some of the most innovative and well known global manufacturers for state of the art technology, not just in design and manufacturing of speciality vehicles but also for the equipment that goes into these vehicles. Iman Healthcare as the sales, support and marketing company of Delta has teamed up with some of the best global companies to equip the ambulance systems with the leading brands of equipments that can go into these ambulances. This list includes:

Stretchers, Trolleys, Defibrillators, Vital signs monitors, CPR medical supplies, Medical gas systems and the latest Communication equipment.

This gives the company optimum control over all aspects of production quality, and on-time delivery as well as after sales and support service.

Our future plans are geared more aggressively to reinforce our commitment to our mission and the region. Currently we are building a newer facility of 440,000 sq ft to meet an increasing regional demand for quality build specialty vehicles.

We have trained qualified staff who can help you to plan, equip, maintain and indeed offer training courses to you staff. Simply put for emergency medical systems we provide you with a unique single source solution.